Why WordPress Updates are so important for a 100% healthy WordPress Website?

WordPress Updates

Since WordPress is the most popular platform on the Internet, It requires constant upgrades. The WordPress team is dedicated to improving it regularly with the latest updates and patches to make it as secure as possible for their users. If you’re thinking about whether you should apply WordPress Updates on your website, then the answer is yes! Why should you do so? There are several reasons to do so. I have listed some of them below to surely convince you why keeping your WordPress website up to date is so crucial.

In fact, neglecting WordPress updates will put your website at risk of a hacking attack. Here are some other reasons to keep your WordPress website updated:

Performance Improvement

Everyone wants their website to load faster, and new updates always come with performance improvements. All WordPress updates ensure that they make your site faster than before, so you can offer your users a superior and smooth browsing experience each time they visit your WordPress website. These are some examples of how previous WordPress updates have helped with performance improvement:

  • Sites using very complex queries were at ease after updating to WordPress version 4.1.
  • WordPress 4.2 brought superior Javascript performance management for the WordPress menus.

When it comes down to SEO, the website’s speed is an essential factor, and after applying WordPress Updates, you can ensure it to the best of its potential.

An Enhanced Set of new Features

After updating your WordPress Website, you can experience a whole range of the latest and improved WordPress features, which will make your website a lot more versatile and robust. WordPress 3.0 came with support for custom navigation and multi-site installations. At the same time, WordPress version 3.1 made it easy to navigate between multiple sites by adding the Admin Bar and better internal linking.

As the updates kept rolling out, WordPress development escalated, and the features got more and more impressive. WordPress 4.1 brought inline image editing, while much quicker plugin updates were introduced with the arrival of 4.2.

Better Website Security

WordPress Security

WordPress, as we all know, is open-source software, and WordPress powers 35% of websites from all over the world. Its popularity makes it an easy target of hackers who can study its source codes and use the information to break into live websites. WordPress Security experts around the world also study open-source code and report them. Each time the WordPress security reaches a stage of vulnerability, the WordPress team gets to work so that an update can be released and fix those issues.

In more simple words, if you are using a WordPress version that is not the latest one, it will be highly prone to hacking attacks. So stay up to date with WordPress core, themes, and plugins so hackers can be kept away and you can rest assured that your website is safe and secure.

Compatibility Fixes

Updating your WordPress website properly make sure that your website is compatible with all the latest technologies. If you install a plugin that uses some latest PHP features while using an old WordPress version, it may not work. Along with this, you will also not be able to take advantage of the latest features associated with the latest WordPress version.

Adaptability to Changes

Some of you may be comfortable with your current version of WordPress and may not want to shift to the latest versions, But you must understand that the updated versions come with the best of everything WordPress is capable of, and for this, you must think about making this shift. At some point today or later, you will need to make a change on your website. Keeping your website up to date will make you more comfortable with experiencing changes necessary to ensure effective website functionalities.

Visitors Well Treated

Websites are not created aimlessly. No matter what the reason is, be it simply to fulfil your readers’ content appetite or generate income, to satisfy your visitors’ or customers’ needs, you will need to stay on the top of your game. A crucial way of doing so is by upgrading your WordPress website.

If your current WordPress version is outdated, it will obviously not be equipped with the newest features, bug fixes, or security patches for enriched performance. This will undoubtedly lead your visitors to get frustrated with your website, and do you think they will be revisiting it? Well, I guess you definitely know the answer to this question. 

The above-mentioned reasons are clear-cut motives loaded with an abundance of benefits associated with updated WordPress versions. So move on to better security, performance, features, and compatibility to ensure your visitors keep coming back to you by updating your WordPress website.

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