White-label WordPress Support

Offer professional White-label WordPress support services to your clients and start a WordPress support business backed by our professional and experienced team of WordPress experts.

100% White-label Service

From maintenance reports to customer support, everything will reflect your brand name. Join our White-label Partner Program and have your clients’ sites managed, monitored, and updated for you. Have confidence in knowing your clients’ sites are looked after by WordPress experts for security, speed, uptime, backups, and even their edit requests!


Dedicated support agents

After completing our white-label program’s signup and approval process, You’ll get a dedicated support agent for your customers, who can communicate with your clients on behalf of you and solve their WordPress issues. All you need to do is create an email id for us, e.g., support@youragency.com, and the agent will use that only for all communications.

Upto 35% discounted plans

We Love our dedicated partners, and to appreciate their trust and dedication; we have a 35% discount policy for all our white-label partners who have more than 10 sites covered under Ainygo maintenance plans. Along with this, All white-label partners receive a 20% discount on all their WP Support Orders.

Fall in love with our features

Branded Maintenance Report

We love being transparent with our maintenance plans, so your client will receive a monthly maintenance report with your branding on it.

Global Availability

Our white-label program is available for everybody, no matter where you are located. If you have Clients with WordPress websites, You are eligible.

Branded Purchase Portal

With our white-label plan, you will get a branded purchase portal where your clients can place their orders and manage their subscriptions easily.

Discounted WP Sopport

All our white-label partners receive a 20% discount on their WP Support orders to get their clients' WordPress issues fixed easily.

White-label Communication

We use your branding for all communication with your clients, and our WordPress Support agent works as your own support executive.

Easy On-boarding Process

Our onboarding process is pretty easy. Submit the signup form, and we'll contact you as soon as possible to complete the approval process.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can earn a minimum 20% margin on our regular pricing, but You are free to decide your clients’ pricing plans and earn as much as you want. You can check our regular pricing plans here: https://www.ainygo.com/wordpress-maintenance-plans/.

Just fill out the form below, and one of our executives will contact you to complete your onboarding process.

No, there is no monthly charge for this program. We only charge for the websites covered under maintenance plans. However, if there is no active subscription on your portal, your white label membership will automatically get deactivated after 3 months.
After your clients sign up on your portal, you will receive an order processing notification from there. After that, you can place an order from the given links during onboarding and get the maintenance plan activated within the next 6-12 hours.

Let's Initiate The Partnership 🙂

Submit The Signup Form Below, And We Will Get Back To You Soon.